Spiritual Gifts 2
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1: When I see something that needs to be done, I take initiative without being asked.
2. When I hear about the lost, I am immediately prompted to pray.
3. I enjoy helping people in need by sharing my resources with them.
4. When circumstances seem to be spinning out of control, I am always confident that God is in control.
5. I have the ability to explain biblical truth in such a way that it brings others to repentance.
6. Friends often come to me for advice when they have an important decision to make.
7. I find it gratifying to spend hours reading and studying.
8. I enjoy meeting new people.
9. I enjoy giving my time to meet a personal need of someone else.
10. I have the ability to motivate others to take the next step in their spiritual journey.
11. Friends say that I am loyal and available in their time of need.
12. I enjoy seeing others realize their potential in Christ.
13. I am keenly aware of my surroundings and I am usually not surprised when I hear new information.
14. I prefer to communicate with facts based on understanding of scripture rather than on feelings.
15. I enjoy helping others combine their talents to accomplish a common objective.
16. I approach issues with a logical and methodical method of problem solving.
17. I look for ways to accommodate others.
18. I share the Gospel every chance I get.
19. I often save money to help others who are less fortunate.
20. My friends would describe me as down to earth and trusting.
21. Sometimes I am so honest with others that I may offend them.
22. I sometimes find it difficult to convince others that the consequences of their decision may be negative.
23. I enjoy explaining new concepts and ideas to others.
24. My home is open for friends to drop in.
25. It is just as exciting for me to help others succeed as it is to work toward accomplishing a personal goal.
26. I readily see positive qualities in people and enjoy affirming them.
27. I empathize with others' feelings and pain.
28. I have a difficult time telling people only what they want to hear.